Seville virtual tour (Sevilla)

Sevilla virtual tourSeville is a city with great attractions in this virtual tour we will be touring some of these places, but please visit the city in person, it´s worth.

Most of the panoramic photos of this virtual tour were made in the spring, just before Easter 2009. It is a pity that the photos do not smell, because we miss the smell of orange blossom that in these days filled the air of the city.

Seville has´ suffered ´several transformations in recent years, currently with the construction of the tram and subway, the city has taken a significant leap forward. With the initiative of bicycles for rent, as in other Spanish cities, the center of Seville has become a more quite place. We now have a city that has a large pedestrian center, ideal for walks and visit the city without noise and without strain. Seville is in some aspects is much more like the cities of northern Europe, if you walk around the Cathedral, the movement of trams and bicycles will transport you to other latitudes, and you could imagine being in Amsterdam or Zurich.


Find points of interest on the map that follows, look for the following icons:

Zona con varios puntos de interés.

/ Punto de interés.

Panoramas of: Seville virtual tour

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