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The Church of the Divine Savior or simply El Salvador is located in the Plaza del Salvador in Seville and is the largest temple in the city after the cathedral. Although in the yard can be seen Roman and Visigoth remains, the building was erected on the remains of Ibn Adabbas, Mosque of Muslim Seville (ninth century), this church and its surroundings, holds great importance even in development of everyday people, so when the Christians conquered Seville, allowed in principle be used as a mosque, but in the year 1340 was converted into the parish of El Salvador. It was further agreed to maintain the rank of second temple held in the city, therefore it was granted the status of collegiate church. So this building would hold a religious use until 1671, when the time she was writing about a sharp deterioration. Its construction as we see today began in 1674 with architect Esteban Garcia, ending in 1712 from the hands of the architect Leonardo de Figueroa. Later would be subjected to a thorough restoration work that has completed early in 2008 by returning to the temple all his splendor.