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Florencia, Toscana, Italia

The famous Piazza della Signoria is the main square of Florence, where we can see the Neptune Fountain, the Loggia dei Lanzi and the Palazzo Vecchio (or Palazzo della Signoria) of the City Council seat. In the square you will find three statues: Cosimo the "Old" on horseback, the Hercules and Caco and a reproduction of Michelangelo´s David being on duty at City Hall next to Hercules.

The Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) is the seat of the municipality of Florence, the building was completed in 1322, and still maintains its original function. It is famous for its high bell tower with a bell calling people to assembly. It has several rooms, like the lilies, and a small collection of art that contains the Victoria de Miguel Angel or the Angel of dolphin of Andrea del Verrocchio.