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Calle Soldevilla Acumuer 19,
22612 Acumuer, Huesca, España

Acumuer is in the municipality of Sabiñánigo, in the Alto Gállego province of Huesca, Aragon Spanish town. It is located north of Sabinanigo, corresponds to the Aurín  river basin and called its most important town, Acumuer (1191 m).
Accessed from Sabinanigo to Larrés paved road, where the Museum of Drawing "Castle Larrés" and then continued to Acumuer. From there and along a path that runs parallel to the river, through forests of pine, fir and beech trees you reach a large area of ​​grassland dotted with huts. Following the river, now with waterfalls and stands and climbing up the valley to reach ibón Bucuesa, beautiful natural lake of glacial origin located more than 2,000 meters.
In the village stands the Church of the Assumption. Acumuer next to the ruins of the Chapel of Our Lady of Pueyo, a place that housed the Virgen del Pueyo, Romanesque carving of the early thirteenth century.