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Looking at the Google map that accompanies all panoramas, we can see clearly the path to the church of San Miguel de Foces. The road turns to Ibieca by the noon, the other side of the trough. We need to go about 5 km of bad road to the church, only visible when you get close to it, since it occupies the lowest level of the plains. In some catalogs described as a ´shrine´, but not be fooled, this is a huge church, one wonders what it does there, but has explanation.

The exterior presents a heavy having almost all of a domain wall on the vain except in the area of the header. This temple is a complete sample of transition from Romanesque to Gothic, with the difference that the front looks like the cathedral of Valencia. Apparently, Ximeno of Foces (Who ordered the construction) wanted to be a faithful replica of Valencia cathedral, since then he played attorney in the this city.