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18001 Granada, Granada, España

The Church of Saints Justo and Pastor of Granada stands in the heart of the city, in University Square. Known as the Collegiate Church of Saints Justo and Pastor, was the ancient church of the College of St. Paul of the Society of Jesus, a work of Brother Martin and father Bacete Alonso Romero, both members of the Order, which was begun in the year 1575, ending the current parish church in 1621.

Built on the tank and Majadalbecy mosque, it is a temple that has a Latin cross with a nave resting on Doric pilasters that open on each side chapels, which is covered with vault decorated with coffered barrel on windows that open. In the transept rises a great dome supported by columns, Doric also, resting on pedestals, and on it a spherical dome, ribbed on the drum. Altarpiece has a remarkable fresco of brother Francisco Díaz Rivero, dated 1630.

The front side is very simple, based on the Corinthian columns supporting a lintel and cornice in relief with figures of angels.

The main façade, which is the main level has two bodies: the first with two pairs of Corinthian columns on high pedestals carved, and among them, white marble reliefs. In the center arch carved with flare and soffit, topped all flown and driven by a strong cornice moldings. Above it rises the second body, also flanked by columns with broken pediment with a relief of the Conversion of St. Paul, and shot down like the statue of St. Ignatius. Both the cover and the tower are designed by the architect José de Bada.

This church was one of the richest of Granada and, despite being plundered by the French, still retains a cup of seventeenth-century gilt bronze and reliquaries of the sixteenth century.