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Granada, Granada, España

When the Arabs arrived in the Iberian peninsula, there was already a settlement here with two small populations: Iliberis (Elvira) in what we now know as Albaicín, and Garnata, on the hill opposite, which depended on Iliberis. The Arabs called this place Garnat Al-Yahud (اليهود Granada of the Jews), because it was predominantly populated by Jews.
In the year 711, the Berber leader Tariq (طارق) conquered Iliberis with the help of the Jews. Two years later, Abd-al-Aziz (Abdelaziz) definitely dominated the entire territory after a rebellion. In the year 740 there was another rebellion of Berber Africans that spread to the mainland and for that reason went Syrian troops to fight them. Throughout the peninsula defeated the Syrians and that was why they were granted land in several places, including in Iliberis, already named Elvira.
In the year 1238 comes into Grenada by the Gate of Elvira and to occupy the Palacio del Gallo del Viento (former Alhambra), Mohámed ben-Názar (or Nasr), called Al-Hamar ´Red´ (الحمر) because he had a Red beard. He was the founder of the dynasty Nazari (which took twenty sultans Grenadians) and re-founder of the Kingdom of Granada.
These are some few notes on the origin of the name and history of this gate of the ancient city of Granada.